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Ten Things Every Parent Should Know About Their Child's Illinois Driver's License

Ten things every parent should know about Illinois’ Graduated Driver Licensing Program:

  1. There are three phases to the Graduated Driver Licensing Program: (1) Permit Phase – Drivers Age 15; (2) Initial Licensing Phase – Drivers Age 16-17; (3) Full Licensing Phase – Drivers 18-20

  2. A moving violation conviction during the permit phase results in a nine-month waiting period before your child can apply for a driver’s license

  3. If your child is caught driving without a permit he or she will ineligible to obtain a driver’s license until the age of 18

  4. Once your child obtains a driver’s license (initial licensing phase), there are restrictions on the number of passengers allowed in his or her vehicle for the first 12 months of licensing or until he or she reaches the age of 18, whichever occurs first—the number of passengers is limited to one person under age 20, unless the passenger(s) is a sibling, stepsibling, child or stepchild of the driver

  5. During both the permit phase and initial licensing phase, there are nighttime driving restrictions— Sunday-Thursday, 10 pm-6 am; Friday-Saturday, 11 pm-6 am (local curfews may differ)

  6. In order to graduate to the full licensing phase, your child must be conviction-free for six months prior to turning 18

  7. Cell phone use while driving including a hands free device, is prohibited for drivers under age 19, except in the case of an emergency

  8. Two moving violation convictions occurring within a 24-month period results in a minimum one-month driver’s license suspension, but could be longer depending on the seriousness of the offense

  9. Effective July 1, 2014, a person age 18-20, who did not take an approved driver education course in high school must successfully complete a six hour adult driver education course before obtaining a driver’s license

  10. Any violation for possession or consumption of alcohol for a person under the age of 21, regardless of whether a vehicle was involved, may result in your child’s license being suspended

For more information, see Illinois Secretary of State website (Graduated Driver License)

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