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There are no more sensitive issues than those that revolve around familial relationships. At Antoniolli, Cerny & Winthers, P.C., we recognize that for most of our family law clients, the most desired resolution does not mean spending more time in the courtroom, but rather comes through skillful negotiation and vigorous protection of the delicate interests at stake. We offer family law services which include, child adoption, guardianship, legal separation and divorce, or dissolution of marriage.

Divorce is often legally referred to as dissolution of marriage, and involves a stressful mix of emotional upheaval and detailed paperwork, disputes, negotiations, as well as conflicting views about child custody and personal finances. Any divorce, whether contentious or amicable, requires a succession of steps leading to a fair and final judgment. As your attorneys, our role is to help you understand the laws and the terminology involved. Our approach combines investigation, analysis and recommendations, which cover all reasonable alternatives affecting custody, visitation, child support, maintenance/alimony and division of property and debt. We will use our expertise to guide you through the process, and ensure that your interests are protected.

If you are considering filing for divorce or legal separation, or if your spouse has filed family court petitions to which you must respond, please contact the experienced, discreet attorneys at Antoniolli, Cerny & Winthers, P.C. for a confidential consultation. Our goal is to use our legal knowledge and advocacy skills to help you limit the time expense, and stress entailed by such proceedings.


Integrity, knowledge, and experience. Highly recommend Axel Cerny!

Sophia Markopoulos Whalen

Axel Cerny is a polished professional and a great communicator. He walked with my wife and I through every step of the legal services he provided to us. Highly recommend.

Ian McGregor

Worked with Axel Cerny and team to get my first house. They did a great job helping me through the processes and guiding me through close. Would highly recommend!

Dan May

Axel Cerny was able to help with a real estate matter quickly and efficiently. His guidance through the matter was excellent and the results were exactly what we needed.

Jason Tartaglia

It's been about a year now since the first time I looked to Mullen and Winthers for legal advice. They are timely, clear, and thorough. As a result, they have very quickly earned my respect and future business.

Erik Russo

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