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Real Estate

Our real estate team at Mullen, Winthers & Cerny, P.C. is simply the best in the area. When you choose to have our attorneys on your side of a residential or commercial transaction, all your questions will be answered and you will find yourself in a position of confidence throughout the process.

Real estate transactions involve more than just forms. There are contracts and deadlines that need be examined, negotiated and understood completely, in order to make sure that you are selling or receiving what you are intending to. Specifically, the federal government enacted new lending requirements in 2015, which many in the industry are calling the largest changes since the 1960’s. Our offices have studied these new regulations and are prepared to assist you in accomplishing all that is necessary to close on your home or other property, on time and under control.

The experience of our attorneys in this arena ranges from negotiating multi-million dollar business transactions to the many local personal residence deals we close each month. Mullen, Winthers & Cerny, P.C. has established great relationships with the best local realtors and mortgage bankers in the area because of the exceptional attention we give to each and every real estate client that walks through our doors. When you hire Mullen, Winthers & Cerny, P.C. to assist in your real estate purchase or sale, you will have a team of professionals on your side every step of the way.