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Our Attorney Referral Network

No law firm can provide competent legal representation in every area of law. While we pride ourselves in our ability to competently handle a wide variety of cases, there are times when the best service that we can provide to a client is a referral. There is no shortage of television, radio and internet ads touting the best attorneys or law firms in the areas of personal injury, mesothelioma and asbestos related lawsuits, bankruptcy, foreclosure, worker compensation and social security disability. While reviews on Avvo, The Better Business Bureau, Google searches and other networking services can be helpful, many of them lack the expertise necessary to evaluate the quality of a law firm or an attorney.

The best way to find a skilled cardiologist, oncologist or brain surgeon, is to simply ask your primary care physician. What is amazing, however, is how many times people don’t ask a lawyer how to find the best lawyer to meet a particular need or handle a specific case. Since 1987, the firm of Mullen, Winthers & Cerny, P.C. has built business relationships and a referral network among some of the best attorneys in the profession. If we can’t handle your legal need, chances are that we know someone who can. Our attorneys have over 60 years of combined legal experience dealing with colleagues who engage in many diverse practice areas of the law. The benefit of our knowledge and insight comes at no cost to you, but can save a tremendous amount of time and aggravation spent searching for the “right” attorney or law firm. You will also enjoy peace of mind knowing that the attorney representing you has the skill necessary to provide quality representation for your specific legal need.

The only investment is the time required to make a call or send us an email. Sometimes, the nature of a legal problem can result in our taking an active role in certain aspects of the legal representation. If this occurs, there is never any additional cost to you, the client, even though the attorneys involved may share the fee which is earned. So before you rely on an internet review or choose a firm or attorney simply because their website appears at the top of an internet search, consider finding the best attorney through another attorney, in the same way you would ask your doctor to recommend another doctor. Let Mullen, Winthers & Cerny, P.C., help to connect you with the “right” attorney or law firm for your specific legal need.